Opel Corsa

The Opel Corsa is well established as a perennial bestseller: through four model generations spanning 32 years, 12.4 million Corsas have been sold. Together with the Astra, it is Opel's most popular model, accounting for over a quarter of the company's sales every year. Available in three and five-door body formats, the Corsa is currently number four in the small car segment in Western Europe. In Germany and the United Kingdom, it is number two and still keeping the competition at bay. When the new fifth-generation Corsa rolls off the assembly lines in Eisenach and Zaragoza at the end of this year, a star will be born to continue the model's success in the small car segment. It has everything it takes to do so. The chic, fifth generation Corsa offers a fresh look and a fresh driving experience with a new chassis and optimized steering, combining the art of German engineering with emotional design, superb digital connectivity and a great price/performance ratio. New generation gasoline and profoundly reworked diesel turbo engines ensure a new level of comfort, top performance and low fuel consumption.
Front Wheel Drive
Fuel Economy: 
14 Km/L